Black Ink Chicago’s Don Caught CHEATING on Ashley Again?

Did Don Get Caught CHEATING on Ashley Again?

We all know that Don and Ashley have a very tumultuous relationship which has played out on Black Ink Crew Chicago.

Don Bishop kicked off-season one sleeping with his fellow 9Mag employee Charmaine, but over the years he’s calmed the waters with his wife Ashley.  Read on to get the latest tea spilling on Don and Ashley Brumfield of Black Ink Crew Chicago…

Did Don Get Caught CHEATING on Ashley Again?

Until now, Don Bishop has done it again. The Black Ink Chicago hunk has been caught cheating on his wife and mother of his two boys, Ashley.

Oh Don Bishop…Realy?

This past season Ashley has been much to handle and to be honest their relationship seems a bit forced. The crew is currently filming their new season and it appears the drama is on 1000%!

Neither of them seems to be happy since Don is trying to better himself, while Ashley wants to be a princess. She wants Don to be the only bread-winner in the family which is hard to deal with since she is constantly nagging him about everything.

Things have appeared to have gotten worse since Don issued a public statement and apology about the newest transgression.

It seems that Don was once again cheating on Ashley. Let’s be real, any man would have already left her @ss high and dry. She is annoying. Sometimes we feel bad for her, but when a woman has a tantrum because their gender reveal was blue and not pink, there is something wrong.

She is very spoiled, and Don is too good-looking to deal with all that BS. She is lucky he sticks around. Last year she was over the top and it appears she still is. Despite our views, Don loves his wife and will do anything to keep his family a whole.


This is why Don posted this public apology as seen above:

“I wanna start this post by saying I love you Ashley Brumfield and I apologize for hurting you and disappointing you once again. We have been working on Don and Ashley for 6 years. Our lives have created two amazing boys and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Our lives have been lived in the public eye these past 3 years and I have publicly embarrassed my wife, my family, and my team who all believed in me. I can’t ask my wife to forgive me once again. All I can do is work on myself to be a better husband to you Ashley and allow you to heal. I really wanna say something I should have said to the fans of Black Ink in the beginning. Please relax on going so hard on Ashley. She was never stupid for loving me and trying to forgive, trust, and forgive me. I have 2 sons who I have to be a better example of a man to and a daughter who I must show how a man supposed to honor and respect her. What I have done has not been any of that and I must do better. Once again, I apologize Ashley, DJ, Kinleigh and Ashdon. I love you guys and I promise to make it better.”

Maybe he should stop tip drilling any female that shows him attention. Just a thought?