Karlie Redd + Yung Joc Dating Again

Karlie Redd + Yung Joc Dating Again

Tonight there were a few bombs dropped on the Love & Hip Hop EXPOSED and UNEDITED reunion Pt 2, but it was highly edited!?!

Get the details on what Karlie Redd revealed on EXPOSED and UNEDITED on the flip…

Karlie Redd + Yung Joc Dating Again

CelebNReality247.com has some hot tea to spill on Karlie Redd who is possibly back with her ex Yung Joc, since she and Lyfe Jennings are officially OVER!

The big question is this, would Karlie ever dip back into any of those old relationship wells, considering they all ended so badly?

The answer is yes, if you ask Karlie.

According to Karlie, she and Joc have been talking and things are going pretty good. She say that Joc apologized for a lot of things and they’re in a good place right now.

Not only that, Redd admitted they’ve ALREADY been kickin’ it? We do remember how Joc was taken by her skills in the bedroom. He’s a freak and she’s a freak and obviously they do go good together.

Karlie says:

“He called me one day and poured his heart to me.”

We put it like this. If Karlie and Joc have found love again, so be it. We say congrats to both of them. Karlie + Joc are cute together, so we will see if they can make it through another season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta 6.

With moves like this…its no wonder Joc and Karlie are smashing again.

Karlie Redd + Yung Joc Dating Again

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