Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

We don’t know how much of the story was false because Ryan Henry took to social media to air his dirty laundry he and Rachel Leigh were trying to hide from cameras!

Ryan’s main lady, Rachel Leigh is claiming that producers made up a fake storyline on Black Ink Crew Chicago. Read on to see what she’s saying…

Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

CelebNReality247.com has some hot tea to spill as Black Ink Crew Chicago star Ryan Henry’s mother of his child Rachel Leigh explains why they went off on producers.

If you saw last weeks episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago, while the crew was in Cabo San Lucas all hell broke lose when Kat Jackson confronted Rachel Leigh about hooking up with Ryan on camera.

Rachel Leigh was calm as she listened to Kat spill her heart to her, but when Ryan walked up, and he EXPLODED!

All Kat was saying it that she and Ryan Henry hooked up during the lake house trip, but Ryan refused to do this type of shh on camera. Henry was PISSED because he didn’t want his dirty laundry on national TV.

Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

Ryan grabbed Rachel and the couple headed up to the house to confront producers. Next, all you hear is Ryan and Rachel going off on producers yell, screaming and throwing blows.

Why Rachel Leigh Attacked Black Ink Chicago Producers

He instantly blamed producers for setting him up and having Kat do this on Black Ink Chicago. This resulted in Rachel throwing things at a producer by the name of Rasheed, and Ryan actually swinging on him. Many viewers were confused by their actions (especially Rachel’s), but she explained her actions on social media.


We find Rachel’s denial since she is seen sitting with Ryan Henry as he admits that he cheated on her with Kat Jackson.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Ryan has a sit-down with Rachel, and he does admit something did happen with Kat (but he didn’t specify what exactly in the clip):

What is interesting is the fact Rachel is trying to save face, since Ryan took to Snap Chat to admit something happened, maybe “once or multiple times.” Henry aired his dirty laundry, with a ton of F-bombs and shhh while trying to explain that he “f-cked up” and the he “made a mistake.”

Earlier this week, Ryan said that “they prayed for my downfall.”